The Learning Center at Cleveland Community College provides a variety of options and initial access points for students to achieve their career goals. The High School Equivalency (HSE) can be achieved with two options for success.

Learning Center – Steps to Progress

Students may choose to complete their Adult High School Diploma or may choose to test via the High School Equivalency Exam, currently the GED. But regardless of which path they choose, students begin their path to success via the Learning Center Orientation Program.

Orientation is the starting point for all Learning Center students, regardless if they plan to achieve the Adult High School Diploma or pass the HSE exam. Orientation sessions are held throughout each semester for students who want to enter the Learning Center. Orientation provides an overview of the Learning Center program of study, and students complete placement testing during the nine hour initial orientation session. Sessions are regularly held Tuesday through Thursdays and are offered in morning, afternoon, or evening sessions.

Students wishing to complete their high school diploma will need to finish off the required units for graduation. And students who plan to test for the HSE will need to prepare in the classroom for each of the four components of the test. By attending the orientation program, students come into the program with a complete knowledge of what is required to be successful.

Once orientation is completed, students enter at the level that they have achieved, and are ready to make progress toward graduation. Most students enter the Learning Center program of study in Adult Basic Education (ABE). This program allows students to refresh their concepts in math, reading, and language. As a student makes progress in these areas, he or she can then move on to the Learning Lab to complete the Adult High School diploma or prepare to take the HSE exam. In addition to Adult Basic Education, Adult High School, and the High School Equivalency test prep, the Learning Center also offers English as a Second Language (ESL).

Basic computer skills will enhance the educational process of students who are then able to utilize software programs tailored to student needs. The Learning Center utilizes a variety of software programs to help prepare students. Currently, students in Adult High School, HSE prep, English as a Second Language, and Adult Basic Education have access to computers and instructional software in their on-campus classrooms. Their instructors provide them with the basics of how to navigate the various programs.

While graduation is the culmination of the Learning Center program of study, it should not be considered a final event. Students who progress through the Learning Center will be making steps toward a future goal. For some, it may be a path to a better job, and for others it may be a step toward enrolling in the college program at Cleveland Community College. Students enrolled in the Learning Center are provided information about college programs, admissions, and financial aid.

Students who attend Learning Center classes may choose to attend on-campus or off-campus. The Learning Center provides opportunities for students in a variety of off-campus locations throughout Cleveland County.

For more information on how to get started, contact the Learning Center at 704-669-4050.