Cleveland_keeping_America_runningA business that relies on continual operation is defined as mission critical. Mission critical operators are individuals whose job is to keep those facilities running and protected. The need for mission critical operators is on the rise.

While mission critical jobs require skills in both operations technology and information technology, job roles can potentially focus more in one area or another. To accommodate this, the program, which offers degrees, diplomas, and certificates, is divided in two tracks.

Core competencies for the operations technology focused track include:
•    Critical Site Operations
•    Electrical Maintenance
•    Industrial Automation
•    Industrial Controls
•    Industrial Systems Schematics
•    Industrial Safety
•    Life Safety Systems
•    SCADA Systems
…and more!

For centuries, we built our businesses and industries around dependable and reliable people. However, as technology becomes more dependable and reliable, we have started to shift the mundane, tedious, and repetitive tasks from people to technology.

What happens when it suddenly becomes unusable, broken, or—even worse—hacked? People with the skills to get ahead of the problem are needed now, more than ever, in order to keep America running.

“The NCMCO has committed to addressing a severe talent shortage across the collective Mission Critical Industry. This first-in-kind program will create valuable technical careers for a new generation and ensure the success of the mission critical organizational functions we deliver.”

-Tony Rossi, McKinstry
Critical Facility Manager at a Fortune 50 Enterprise Data Center

Core competencies for the information technology focused track include:
•    Building Automation
•    Critical Site Operations
•    Cyber Security
•    IT Business Concepts
•    Networking
•    Unix/Linux
•    Industrial Safety
•    Schematics
…and more!

After completing the Mission Critical Operations Program, many opportunities will be available to you as a mission critical operator.

“In the IT industry, Mission Critical Operations is the merging of Network and Facility Management with Data Center Planning and Construction into one cohesive team supporting the heartbeat of the company.”

– Paul A. Marcoux
SVP, BB&T Mission Critical Services

Industries that employ mission critical operators include:
•    Banks
•    Communications
•    Critical Laboratories
•    Data Centers
•    Emergency Services
•    Hospitals
•    Military
•    Power Plants
•    Water Treatment Facilities
…and many others

Or, you could choose to transfer your credit toward a bachelor’s degree at a four-year college or university like the university partner with the National Consortium for Mission Critical Operations, UNC-Charlotte.

The NCMCO also offers professional development courses for individuals and industries already in the mission critical field.