Josiah Cameron says he found CCC to be a great place to start since he wasn’t quite sure where he was headed, “I was able to take a broad range of classes that introduced me to new ideas and encouraged me to learn and want to educate myself. I took my first psychology and sociology classes at CCC and these really helped to open up my worldview.”

Cameron said CCC also helped foster his passion for the fine arts and was the first time he was exposed to a fine arts curriculum. “The fine arts curriculum at Cleveland introduced me to the essential elements I would need to know and when I arrived at Appalachian State I had a good understanding of what I was going to pursue. I was prepared and ready for my classes.” Cameron says another reason CCC was so appealing for him was the cost and says, “For someone like me who wasn’t quite certain about what I wanted to do it helped define that for me and I didn’t end up in a dire financial situation trying to decide.” Check out some of Josiah Cameron’s work at