Cleveland_high_school_equivalencyStudents enrolled at the Learning Center have had two distinct options when it came to completing their high school education. They either enrolled in Adult High School and completed a traditional diploma, or chose to test with the GED in order to receive their High School Equivalency (HSE). However, this year the Learning Center will offer two new testing options in addition to the GED and the Adult High School diploma.

p16_LearningCenter_LogoIn the last year, the GED has undergone a change in that students now take a computer-based version of the exam. Once students have completed preparation for the GED, they have the flexibility to schedule their GED exam at a convenient time in the College’s testing center. In addition to the computer-based testing, GED streamlined their exam into four sections from what were previously five sections.

The GED is comprised of a reading/language section, social studies, science, and math. Previously, writing was offered as the fifth section of the exam. However, it is now incorporated into the reading section of the test.

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The two new tests are the HiSET and the TASC. And, just like the GED, passing either the HiSET or the TASC exams will result in a High School Equivalency. The two new exams are offered in pencil-and-paper versions. Like the previous version of the GED, the two new exams include five sections: reading /language, social studies, science, math, and writing.

Students will have the option of pursuing their traditional Adult High School diploma, or they can choose between the three test options: GED, HiSET, or TASC. Students will consult with their instructors and Learning Center program staff to determine the best course of action for their individual needs.

Orientation is the starting point for all Learning Center students, regardless if they plan to achieve the Adult High School Diploma or pass one of the HSE exams. Orientation sessions are held throughout each semester for students who want to enter the Learning Center. Orientation provides an overview of the Learning Center program of study, and students complete placement testing during the nine-hour initial orientation session. Sessions are regularly held Tuesday through Thursday, and are offered in morning, afternoon, or evening sessions.

Students wishing to complete their high school diploma will need to finish the required units for graduation. Students who plan to test for one of the HSE options will need to prepare in the classroom for each of the components of the test. By attending the orientation program, students come into the program with a complete knowledge of what is required to be successful.

While graduation is the culmination of the Learning Center program of study, it should not be considered a final event. Students who progress through the Learning Center will be making steps toward a future goal. For some, it may be a path to a better job, and for others it may be a step toward enrolling in a program at Cleveland Community College. Students enrolled in the Learning Center are provided information about college programs, admissions, and financial aid.

Students who attend Learning Center classes may choose to attend on-campus or off-campus. The Learning Center provides opportunities for students in a variety of off-campus locations throughout Cleveland County. For more information on how to get started, contact the Learning Center at 704-669-4050.