When Carl and Doris Dedmon decided to make a donation to the Cleveland Community College Foundation it was not only a charitable contribution, but the largest-ever single-family gift to the College’s Foundation. Senior Dean of Development and Governmental Relations, Eddie Holbrook, says the gift is truly an indication of the family’s integrity and character. “The family wanted to invest back into our community and we are beyond blessed they chose to invest in CECHS and the LeGrand Center.”

The Dedmons, along with children Ed and June Yarboro and Richard and Jan Dedmon, made the donation that will help pay off a portion of the $6.7 million debt the CCC foundation incurred from the LeGrand Center’s construction and also help out students enrolled in Cleveland Early College High School. Carl Dedmon says that he and his wife wanted to be a part of helping students at CECHS have the opportunity to finish high school and complete a two year college degree at the same time. “We want the students who come through CECHS to have the same opportunity for a great education as everyone else. There are students there who may not have had a chance to attend college. We know how important a college degree is and these students deserve the opportunity for a proper education,” he says.

Dedmon says the family discussed ways they could contribute and also wanted to contribute to the LeGrand Center in the naming of the Grand Ballroom. “After talking to Ed and June and Richard and Jan, we knew we also wanted to be a part of the LeGrand Center. We’ve all been so blessed with good health, a successful business, and a great community to be a part of. It’s just something we feel is important. Giving back to your community is something we’ve always talked to our grandchildren about and our family believes in it.”

In recognition of the family’s gift two areas of the LeGrand Center were renamed in their honor. The Carl and Doris Dedmon Center for Cleveland Early College High School and the Dedmon-Yarboro Special Events Hall. The building of the LeGrand Center was a three-way partnership between the CCC foundation, Cleveland County Board of Commissioners and Cleveland County Board of Education.

Margo Greene