Earn FREE College Credit,
Save Money, and Create a Successful
Path Toward College through Career and College Promise

What is Career & College Promise?

Cleveland Community College has partnered with Cleveland County Schools to offer high school students a clear, focused, and tuition-free path to future success. Career and College Promise provides opportunities for qualified high school students to pursue pathways in community college that lead to a certificate, diploma, or degree as well as provide entry-level job skills. College credit earned through CCP will allow students to obtain a credential that can transfer to a four-year university in NC, while saving money at the same time. If getting a head start on college sounds good to you and your family, then CCP is right for you!

How Do I Get Started?

Complete an application for admission online at Applicants should contact their high school counselor or Student Services at 704-669-4103 or [email protected] to learn about course offerings and eligibility requirements.

Career and College Promise (CCP) Success!

MacKenzieLee_web“The college credits I have earned through CCP will save me time in college as well as money! The humanities courses I have taken will help toward my degree as well.”
– MacKenzie Lee

DessieGreene_web“The CCP education courses I took as a senior at Crest High helped me to determine my future! I now know that I am called to become an Elementary Teacher. Besides having the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge, I have earned college transferrable credit hours that have given me a head start when I begin UNCC in the fall.”  – Dessie Greene

TannerHoyle_web“CCP courses have allowed me to acquire college credits that will go with me to the four-year school of my choice. I have also had the opportunity to do field work and mentor with a fifth grade teacher and her students.” – Tanner Hoyle

MikaelaTurner_web“The CCP courses I have taken will allow me to apply for the nursing program at UNCC right away. I have a great foundation for a four-year university and will have 67 college credits. I hope to earn my BSN in less than three years. Not only will this be much quicker than the typical incoming freshman, but the financial savings in tuition, room and board will be tremendous.” – Mikaela Turner

“I have enjoyed CCP Pre-Calculus. It has been beneficial by challenging and also preparing me for college and more students should take advantage of the opportunities with CCP. This course has given me advantages heading into college by preparing me with two completed college courses and extra hours. Our instructor has done a great job of teaching us and also taking advantage of the lab time.” – Gabe Devoe

“I was definitely nervous about starting my CCP classes, but everything has been amazing. Math has never been a strong point for me so to pass and earn college credit has been the highlight of my year. Between my teacher, Mrs. Goad, and the tutoring that CCC offers, I have succeeded in math.” – Daye Frisbee

“CCP classes have helped me get through some of my basic college classes while I’m still in high school. Having CCP classes are beneficial to me because instead of focusing on these classes in college I can now focus more of my time on the classes I really want to take.” – Rachel Robinson

“CCP Pre-Calculus has prepared me for the college experience and has shown me what it will be like to sit in a college classroom and be taught by a college instructor. I know this class will allow me to better transition from high school to college.” – KC Rucker

How Much Can My Family Save?


CCP Quick Facts:

  • Available to high school juniors and seniors
  • Courses are tuition-FREE, but students may be responsible for textbook costs
  • Eases the transition from high school to college
  • Provides students with a broader range of academic and career-oriented courses and electives
  • Prepares high school students for collegiate expectations and college-level study
  • Students can take courses that relate to their interests or career goals making education more enjoyable
  • CCP participants are more likely than their peers to pursue a bachelor’s degree, earn higher first-semester GPAs, and complete a college degree.